Been playing 6 months Rise Of Kings

Been playing 6 months Rise Of Kings. Love it. Yet that's actually not why I'm below. To the designers, in case you review these, the tavern was a foolish concept. It doesn't transform anything regarding the video game (everybody I've talked to in-game agrees). It's just a space inhabitant. As well as one that occupies space that really did not even need to be loaded. However, you might transform it. Leave the stuff that's there or get rid of it, idc, yet you need to include a feature that permits you to employ mercenaries. Now these mercenaries, naturally, aren't irreversible, and also (to maintain equilibrium) would certainly be costly and in minimal numbers. Yet they would be there for abundant gamers that need simply a few even more troops to enhance one attack or more. Maybe they do not have as numerous troops as they do dispatches, or possibly they simply unlocked a brand-new tier of troops and also intend to try them out without needing to wait a couple of hours to train. However that would be an amazing new add that would make gamers really thrilled regarding the pub.